• Shears:

    2 Cincinnati mechanical shears, ¼ inch x 12 feet

David Jacks (hired 1995) shears 26-gauge strips on our first machine, as the neighboring second shear is loaded for its next job.

  • Press brakes:

1 CNC Accurpress brake, ¼ inch x 20 feet

LEFT TO RIGHT: Antonio Morales (hired May, 2000) & Ramiro Ramirez (1989) operate our 20-foot-long CNC Accurpress, as Raphael Brambila (1996) loads a forklift and prepares to bring previously sheared pieces to be formed in this brake.

We're proud to show off our ability to bend metal pieces up to 20-foot lengths. LEFT TO RIGHT: Rafael Brambila, Aldo Lopez, Ramiro Ramirez, Antonio Morales, Jesus Guzman, Martin Brambila, Angel Cruz, Randy Grant, Martin Montero, Adrian Huerta, & Joel Cruz.

2 CNC Cincinnati brakes, 3/8 inch x 12 feet

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Martin Brambila (1985) & Martin Montero (1997) program the CNC controls of one of our 12-foot brakes, the second machine visible to the right.

Left to Right: Adrian Huerta (1997) & Angel Cruz (1999) at the press-brake, executing the previously entered program.

1 Cincinnati brake, ¼ inch x 10 feet

Left to right: Joel Cruz (1983) & Raphael Brambila manufacture many of our standard 10-foot residential roof flashings. Note the excellent repeatability of the completed stacks & our vast warehousing of similar products in the background.

  • Folders:

    2 RAS 16-guage x 10 feet precision folders

Right to Left: Oneto's father and son team of Jesus Guzman (1980) & Jose Guzman (1997) form precision pieces in one CNC RAS. Our second CNC RAS is visible to the right.

Raymond programs the CNC panel of one RAS folder before executing a job.

  • Punch-Press:

    1 W.A. Whitney 35-ton precision gauging press, ¼ inch x 6 inch diameter

Jose Anselmo Huerta (1981) demonstrates the precision punching capabilities of the W.A. Whitney.

  • Roll-Forming lines:
  • Blue Line: 8 stands, 1 3/8" arbors, 7200 ft/min, 10 sizes of shingle-nosing
  • Green Line: 7 stands, 1 3/8" arbors, 7200 ft/min, 2 sizes of z-bar.

Rudolfo Cruz (1994) manufactures shingle nosing on our blue roll-forming line.

Oneto Metal Products Corp. proudly shows a typical bundle of roll-formed product. Observe the neat nesting of these products; we manufacture roll-formed products of the highest quality at reasonable prices.

  • Coil processor

    A 12-guage x 48 inch level, cut-to-length & slit-to-width (15,000 lbs. maximum)

(Not pictured)

  • Iron worker

    A 65-ton iron worker

(Not pictured)

  • Notcher

    1 Amada 9 inch x 9 x 1/8 inch precision notching & coping machine

(Not pictured)



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