Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Plasma Cutter:

  • 5 feet x 20 feet x ½ inch
  • Controlling PC can read any DXF file & most CAD files!!!

Paul shows that our plasma table can be fully controlled by a PC running CAD software. An operator then downloads a CAD file to the CNC panel at the table and executes the program, so the computer can take control. Regardless of the complexity of the designed form, it will cut the metal automatically.


If you have a drawing in a DXF file format, including CAD files, our plasma cutter can probably decipher your file!!!

Call us to arrange a test file transfer.

You may also
call, fax, or email us a drawing any time, and we'll gladly discuss your needs and provide you with a quotation for manufacturing.

We'd be glad to help you in any way we can!

If you require fabricated sheet metal products, no matter how unique, chances are very good that we can accommodate your customized production needs!!!

The automated and precise capabilities of our plasma table can be used to cut sheet metal pieces up to 20 feet long

Take a peek at the elaborate ventilation system situated at the end of our CNC plasma table. Mr. Robert Bellizzi of the Technical Engineering Group of Sacramento, California designed this customized system for Oneto Metal Products Corp. This environmentally friendly system satisfies the specialized filtration/ventilation needs of a 20-foot-long plasma table.
Airco Mechanical, Inc. of Sacramento, California provided installation services, and B. Teeple & Sons, Inc. of Sacramento, California provided electrical contracting services to make this new machine safe and functional. Oneto's own Chris Lorenz also lent his electro-mechanical expertise to bring this fully computerized machinery online.


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