Many members of our "Oneto family" enjoy playing backgammon at break times and after business hours. Anyone is welcome to join! Feel free to drop in, but we warn you... these guys turn the cube!!!

ABOVE: Joel enjoys watching David give Ray a run for his money while Martin continues his daily backgammon tradition with Paul.

Some of Oneto's "relations" may forego the backgammon games,
but still enjoy one another's company.

Several members of this "family" caught the golf bug and try to squeeze 18 holes into our busy schedules as often as possible.

ABOVE: Paul, Dave, Ray, and Chris demonstrate their skills at "asphalt golf" as they prepare to depart for a late afternoon tee time.
(Not pictured: Randy Grant)

Jodi, Zach, & Lauren often drop in to visit Dad (Paul) and Uncle Ray.



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